Nov 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Here you go Nana & Papa!!

Oct 10, 2010

Go BSU!!!

Saturday night was BSU's homecoming game so there were a ton of events included in that, we decided to take the kids to the parade which was a lot of fun!! After the parade we went to a tailgating party for Ryan's Construction Management/ Engineering club. Families are not supposed to attened college events I am sad to say.

Sep 19, 2010

A camping we will go!!!

This weekend we decided to venture out in the woods for the one camping trip a year I go on. I thought I was going to get out of it but that didn't happen. We headed up to Grimes Creek on Friday evening made dinner, played in the water and went to bed in a cold tent on a hard floor. No I am just kidding it was great actually the kids had a blast and slept well. On Saturday a couple of our friends came up and everyone played and had a great time and then to finish off a great trip we had a yummy dutch oven dinner with a dessert I just couldn't pass up. I must say out of the three times I have been camping this one was the best, I WASN'T pregnant!!!

Jun 7, 2010

FHE and the garden

Tonight for FHE we decided to plant our garden. I know a little late but thats how life has been. Ryan said it should have been called "Ryans home evening" tonight because Hunter didnt want to get dirty and I had Mayan so... hey at least we all went to the store to pick them out we had treats and we sang a song I think it counts!!