Jul 28, 2008

Just Plain Cute

Our friends Lynndi and McKay got a new trampoline and Hunter loved it. He was laughing so hard he could hardly breath it was the cutest thing ever. He played so hard and got so dirty! Boys will be Boys

So yesterday was the first time Hunter attempted to feed himself with a bowl and spoon. Lets just say I think two noodles went in his mouth and the rest on his body and on the floor.


Nicoletti said...
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Nicoletti said...

I love those pictures of Hunter in his highchair! They are SOOOO cute! I especially like the one of him looking up at the camera with those big blue eyes! So cute! I hope you guys are doing great! I really enjoyed spending time with you guys! How is Hunter's walking coming along? I'm sure he's doing great! Soon you won't be able to catch up with him!