Jan 6, 2010

Me trying to be Crafty!

Well like I have posted numerous times I am not the best at crafts but hey at least I try. Ryan just spent no joke eight hours cleaning our carpets so we aren't wearing shoes in the house or eating anywhere there is carpet. So I saw this cute little sign that goes on your front door that lets people know to take there shoes off. So... I tried it. I think it turned out ok

Then our friends have large letters of their kids initials and I loved them so I decided to try that as well. Her piggy bank will be added in just a few short months!


McKay & Lynndi said...

Way cute. I love the sign.

Missy08 said...

That is way cute. So do u have a name picked out for her yet.

Karissa said...

Love it! Are those Hunter's feet in that picture?