Nov 1, 2008


This year was officially Hunters first Halloween that he could trick or treat. Ryan was elk hunting with Jim (his brother-in-law) so Karissa Ryans sister came up this weekend for Halloween and Karli (Hunters cousin) and Hunter were so cute. Hunter was a cow and I was a cow girl and Karli was a poodle.


Missy08 said...

How cute is that he was so cute and he came up to my kids I'm glad he recognized them and u looked so cute to.

Anonymous said...

hey, I saw the link to your blog on Jessie's, I hope that's ok! Hunter looked adorable on Halloween! And your family pics look great! I think I sent you an invite to our blog, but I'll send another one just in case. Heather

Missy08 said...

Yeah that is alot of candy and that isn't even half of it double that so yeah they are pretty set.