Nov 30, 2008

Utah Fun!!!

So this last week we went down to Utah to visit Ryans family. On the way home on Saturday we all decided to go to the Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake. It was tons of fun to watch Hunter! It was a very eventful week. Hunter played in leaves, went potty in the big boy potty twice, and we all got very little sleep.


Missy08 said...

Wow he is such a cute little boy. And he is becoming a big boy potty in the toliet twice I can't even get my son to use the potty and he is so ready he is 2 yrs old and 4 months how did u do it. Glad u had a good Thanksgiving.

Keith and Jessie said...

How fun I am glad you had a good Holiday and got home safe. Give Hunter kisses for me!!!

Missy08 said...

you are so welcome we had fun doing them I'm glad u liked them